Kurgan State Puppet Theatre “GULLIVER”


The Kurgan Puppet Theatre “GULLIVER” was  established in 1948 as a fully professional repertoire theatre. Since 1995 it has been a Collective Member of the UNIMA. In fact, it is a theatre-laboratory where each production is an experiment. The theatre is searching for some new forms of work  preserving its own style thereat.
Different techniques are used in the performances of the GULLIVER theatre - rod puppets, glove puppets, marionettes, non traditional forms, elements of mask and drama theatre, non verbal performances.
The theatre has a talented and creative team of 13 actors, highly-qualified theatre technicians, designers and puppet craftsmen.
At present the repertoire includes  performances for children, performances for adults, author’s works of theatre actors. They are staged by  theatre directors, as well as by guest directors of world standing.  These productions collect full houses in an old theatre building of the 19th century, bringing  together music, puppets, drama, and young actors’ experimental works.


Over the past fifteen years the theatre has been extensively participating in most prestigious Russian and International festivals of puppet art demonstrating various aspects of the repertoire and the potency of the company.
The recent productions of the theatre are “Capric’io”, a multigenre puppet show, “Masha and the Bear”, “Brothers Swans”, and “Nags”.
The GULLIVER theatre aims to promote the modern puppet theatre art and to raise the aesthetic  standards of the audience via high quality theatre productions.



































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