Yury Yakovlev

A fairy tale


Stage director:

People's Artist of the Russian Federation

Stanislav Jelyeskin

Production designer:

Honored Artist of the Russian Federation

Tatiana Tereshchenko

Opened on May 20, 2015

A touching story about friendship between a
little bear and a little boy. Both of them are just starting to discover the world around, and their future life depends on how they will perceive this world, how they will react to it. Our characters do the first steps into the world open-heartedly, attuned to the goodness that is why parting of the heroes will be so grievous.


Princess and the pea

A musical fairy tale



Honored Artist of the Russian Federation

Elena Ivanova

Stage director:

Honored Artist of the Russian Federation

Elena Ivanova

Production designer: Elena Volkova
Vyacheslav Evdokimov


Playing time: 50 min without interval

Opened on November 27, 2009

Participant of the III Festival Competition "The golden horse", Tyumen, 2010.
Winner of the Grand Prix of the Festival in the category "Best Actor".
Designer Elena Volkova was awarded a special prize «For the most unusual puppets» by the periodical «Tyumen Today».


This story is long past, in those ancient times, when princes, by all means, wanted to stand fast. They were particularly stubborn when they conceived to marry. And our prince turned out to have a bee in his head. Although his kingdom was very small, he must marry a real princess. But it was not so easy to find her! And lastly, when the last hope to find the cherished princess was almost lost, he found true love. The fairy tale will be performed for you with clock-work precision by the wonderful quartet of actors seeking shelter from rain. They accompany acting with musical numbers, correlating the harmony in music with the harmony in human relations on the stage.


Anna Bogacheva

Fairy tales of my grandmother


Stage director:

People's Artist of the Russian Federation

Stanislav Jelyeskin

Production Designer:

Honored Artist of Russian Federation

Tatiana Tereshchenko
Musical score: Andrey Ivanov
Voice instructor - Irina Malakhova

Opened on February 24, 2013
Playing time: 50 minutes


Moving and cute fairy tales of the modern Ural writer Anna Bogacheva become a fascinating family performance that consists of two stories. Our performance is about good attitude to each other, about how important it is to be settled in life and feel useful and needed. But not only about this. We will tell the story of how important it is to keep up and transmit traditions from generation to generation, and what can happen when someone breaks the old-established order. You'll learn the most important mouse mystery: why it is necessary to give milk teeth to the mouse. Do you want to learn it? Come and watch "Fairy tales of my grandmother", because grandmothers do not tell uninteresting fairy tales.


Pavel Polak




The story is told and played by Tatyana Semenovich


Teresa Karaskova (Czech Republic),

Antonin Klepach (Czech Republic)

Director of the russian version - Tomas Alferi (Czech Republic)
Production designer - Maria Steyskalova (Czech Republic)

Voice instructor - Irina Malakhova

Songs translation – Sergei Rosalyev


Playing time: 45 min

Opened on February 28, 2012


The Czech version of the by many generations much-loved fairy tale of hard-working and kind Beauty Cinderella. This is a mischievous, funny one-woman performance inviting audience to the play.
Here we have a wicked stepmother with ugly and stupid daughter, a prince, a ball in a small kingdom, a lost slipper, and, of course, a joyful end!


The Thumbelina

N. Shuvalov (based on the story by H. Ch. Andersen)


Stage director:

Honored Artist of the Russian Federation

Stanislav Jelyeskin
Production designer: Elena Volkova
Composer: Anatoly Bogdanov

Playing time: 45 minutes

The fairy tale about the amazing tiny Thumbelina, a fairy, elfs as well as a little toad family, the kingdom of beetles, Mouse and Mole is told by two wizards: Humpty Dumpty and Ivedy-Avedy.
Why wizards? - Because every thing (hat, scarf, stick) comes alive, falling into their hands.
And it is not just a magic word: Klups-klaps-klips! ... He who wants to play always has everything at hand: a hat to sail in it, as if in a boat, a ribbon to hold a moth ... and heart to find true love!


The old shoe

A toy story


The performance based on the fairy tale by Alexei Tolstoy

«The voracious shoe»
Direction and dramatization:

Svetlana Dorozhko (St. Petersburg)
Production designer: Olga Ustyugova (Moscow)
Composer: Andrey Ivanov

Playing time: 50 minutes
Opened on November 24, 2013
The play "The old shoe" has been staged in collaboration with the creative association "KultProject"

If all the children do not know exactly, they suspect at least that when they go to bed, their toys live an independent life and have the most incredible adventures. Furthermore, the toys have very different temper and behavior. This story tells that the hero must not be young and beautiful and that it is wrong to laugh at those who have grown old, because age means experience and wisdom, it deserves respect.


Alexander Pushkin

“The Fairy-tale of the Fisherman and the Fish”     5+  


Stage director:

People's Artist of the Russian Federation

Stanislav Jelyeskin (Moscow)
Production designer: 

Honored Artist of the Russian Federation

Tatyana Tereshchenko

Playing time: 40 minutes/

The premiere of the first performance took place on June 30, 1986


In the colors of Boldin Autumn verses of the great Russian poet Alexander Pushkin  the story tells how an old man generously sets the Goldfish free what angers a stingy old woman. But in fact this play shows that people do not appreciate what they get for nothing. Greed of the old woman is boundless, but everything has its limits and patience of the wish-fulfilling fish also comes to the end.

And what is more, it is worth thinking about the fact that life sometimes gives us a golden opportunity, but everyone decides by oneself how to use it.

Among the familiar fairy tale characters in the play a CAT– an artful provocateur – has appeared.


V. Borisov

The Girl and the Troll

Fantasia on the Swedish folk themes


The troll in the Swedish fairy tales is the owner of forest, like our leshy. He keeps order, rebukes and sometimes punishes evil and greedy men; he certainly helps everyone who shows on meeting him the best human qualities. It is a simple truth: do unto others as you would have them do unto you. We must constantly remind of it small children who are just taking their first steps through the thick "wood" of life.
Our performance is addressed to the youngest theatre goers. Their observation of environment leads to the understanding that they are not alone in this world. And everyone has his own, albeit small, but very important work.


Playing time: 30 min without interval


Gianni  Rodari

The fairy tales by telephone

An entertainment performance for the smallest children


Stage director:

Honored Artist of the Russian Federation

Alexey Guschuk
Production designer: Elena Volkova
Musical score: Andrey Ivanov
Age category:
Playing time: 35 minutes
Opened on November 20, 2008


There lived a Fairy. She wove the largest blanket so that all those who did not have enough warmth could cover with it.

But as soon as work was over, there was some kid who did not get blanket.

Then the Fairy unwove the old blanket and began to weave a larger one.

But it turned out that it was not the blanket it was the warmth that people gave each other. And how could she warm people from different cities and countries?  A magic phone and the audience came to Fairy's help.

Cheerful, kind and witty tales by Italian fairy tale writer and fantast Gianni Rodari

performed by Honored Artist of the Russian Federation Alla Semenova are wonderful moments of communication between adults and children !!!


The Magic Flute
Based on Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart’s opera of the same name


Scriptwriters: E. Schikaneder, K. H. Gündel
Stage director: Karl H. Gündel
Music: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart


Playing time: 50 min without interval

Opened on June 04, 2014


The beautiful music of Mozart will help you perceive and experience a story about the fabulous love of prince Tamino and how the bird catcher Papageno appropriated another's feat and how he was punished for it. Together with prince and his unwitting companion Papageno you will experience adventures that accompany the search for prince's beloved Pamina.

You will see that an honest wizard can be slandered, and credulous people can be misled. But, fortunately, everything turns out happily, and brilliant music of Mozart makes this story not only fascinating, but also especially beautiful. The play is performed in a perfect copy of the model of the historical theater of the 19th century. These "home" theaters came into being in Germany, when the censorship forbade to stage performances delving into hot issues. The late 18th and early 19th centuries in Germany were marked by the high development of dramatic and theatrical art. The great German writers Lessing, Goethe and Schiller raised dramatic and theatrical art in Germany to hitherto unprecedented heights, making with their works a significant contribution to the world culture. Many of their works were written specially for Puppet Theater, including the famous tragedy "Faust."



The play based on Sophocles “Oedipus Rex


Director: Alexander Yanushkevich (Belarus)

Production designer: Lyudmila Skitovich (Belarus)

Composer: Alexander Litvinovsky


Playing time: 70 min without interval

Opened on November 30, 2012


In ancient Thebes the pestilence begins. King Oedipus seeks the advice of Apollo on how to stop the plague. And he finds out that he needs to banish the murderer of the former ruler of Thebes from the city. Stylish decoration, glorious music, a metaphorical line and voice of only one actor sounding for all characters, as if our contemporary is reading a book, blowing off the dust of centuries, and heroes of this book in their doubts, weaknesses and agonies, appear before the audience. Do you need to go all the way to your goal if they suggest pretending that you do not see it, so it will be better? Everyone makes his own choice. And perhaps repentance is the very road to insight, as befits?




Script, direction, design: Michael Vogel
Music: Charlotte Wilde


Playing time: 90 min without interval

Opened on May 07, 2014


“The Panopticon is a design of ideal prison, when a single watchman in the central tower can observe all inmates at once without ever being seen”.

(Michel Foucault, «Discipline & Punish: The Birth of the Prison»)

When we feel that we are being watched, we start to act. We pretend, we make up, maybe we try to conceal our true self. When we are watching someone, we try to reveal the real person behind the actor’s mask. Light and shadow, to see and be seen and the power of watching are the themes for our play.


Shining in the night

The story for adults


Stage director - Yoichi Nishimura (Japan)
Production designer - Kazunori Watanabe (Japan)
Puppetry director  -  Miyako Kurotani (Japan)

The performance is created after the Japanese fairy tale "The Princess Kaguya". This is a beautiful story of how a poor bamboo carver found an unusual child. The girl grew by leaps and bounds, and fortune smiled upon the old man and his wife. They suddenly got rich. But the time came and it turned out that the girl was the Princess of the Moon, sent to the Earth to make amends for some sins, and some creatures from the cosmos, which had brought the Princess to the Earth, looked after her and helped to cleanse her karma.
Kaguya Beauty won the heart of the Emperor and fell in love with him too, but it was the time for her to fly to her home planet. The Emperor tried to confront the aliens, but in vain - Kaguya flew back to the Moon ... Everything that had happened on the Earth, remained in the past...

The play is addressed to the hearing impaired audience



M. Tsifrinovich

The flame of hope

A theatre fantasia based on paintings by P. Picasso


Author, stage director:

People's Artist of the Russian Federation, laureate of international festivals Marta Tsifrinovich
Director of restaging:

People's Artist of the Russian Federation, art director of the Puppet theater "Ognivo" (Mytischi),

Stanislav Jelyeskin
Director assistant: Tatyana Yesina
Production designer: Igor Shumilov
Composer: Stanislav Kreichi

Playing time: 45 minutes

A unique performance without words created in the technique of black masking. Actors are not visible, hidden by magic of theater light and black velvet. Figures and objects appear on stage, as if under their own power, living their independent life. Thus, the audience is given a rare chance to look into the creative workshop of the greatest genius of the twentieth century - Pablo Picasso, and to see with own eyes world known, but even today not fully unraveled masterpieces emerging from nothingness…




V. Maslov

Ali Baba and the thieves   0+

The eastern tale


It is a famous eastern story about a kind, generous Ali Baba, wicked thieves and a magical cave full of endless treasures.


Director: Natalia Plekhanova

Director of renewing – Tatyana Lenyashina

Art director: Honored Worker of Arts of the Russian Federation Tatyana Tereshchenko

Musical arrangement: Evgeniy Grigoryev


Performance duration 50 min.






Who will wake the sun… 6+

Based on the tale by M. Cremene

Fantasy on Antonio Vivaldi’s music

Staging – Michail Yaremchuk (Kiev)

Director – Michail Yaremchuk

Art director – Tatyana Torbenko (Kiev)


Tender, delicate, fine and wise performance about friendship and the ability to sacrifice for the sake of others.

Performance duration 45 min.





The Magic Swan Geese 6+


The performance is based on a Russian folk tale “The Magic Swan Geese” which is loved by many generations. While playing with her friends the sister loses her brother and sets off to find the little boy.


Performance director and scriptwriter – Nikita Schmit’ko (Saint-Petersburg)

Art director – Alexandra Gromova (Saint-Petersberg)

Composer – Alexandr Moskalenko (Saint-Petersburg)


Performer – Evgeniy Nasupa

Vocal teacher – Svetlana Kazantseva

Choreography – Alexey Popov


Performance duration – 50 min.






“The Nutcracker” 6+


A Christmas story based on the ballet of the same name by P.I. Tchaikovsky.

It is a story about a beautiful dream. With this dream we are strong and have strength to do almost anything.


Director, art director – Victor Plotnikov

Soundtrack by Sergey Belov


Performance duration 35 min.






Joel Harris


Tales by Uncle Rimus 6+

Staging by Tatyana Andreeva


It is kind of a funny story of endless quarrels and attempts to reconcile Brother Rabbit with the Brother Fox. This story is told by cheerful brothers.


Director – Tatyana Lenyashina

Art director – Honored Worker of Arts of the Russian Federation – Tatyana Tereshchenko

Performers: Sergey Kotel’nikov and Artur Alexeev






K. Paustovsky

“Warm bread” 10+


Staging by T. Andreeva


It is a simple life story of an ordinary boy; a story that tells us that a carelessly spoken word can really hurt and that human anger couldn’t make anybody happy.


Performance director – People’s artist of the Russian Federation Stanislav Zhelezkin (Moscow)

Art director – Elena Volkova

Performers: Tatyana Kokina, Vladimir Lazarev


Performance duration – 40 min.








One-man performance is a remarkable story about how mother’s love can defeat everything. It tells us a story of a widow named Agrafena and her son Vanya, who just like every child dreams of leaving parental guardianship and wants to sail away towards adulthood…


Stage director – People’s Artist of the Russian Federation Stanislav Zhelezkin

Art director – Honored Artist of the Russian Federation Evgeniy Bondarenko

Performer – Honored Artist of Russia Alla Semenova



Performance duration 35 minutes






A mitten 0+

Russian folk tale for children from 2 years


The performance is a game built on amusements. It is one of the first tales that little children get acquainted with which turns this experience into their first theatre performance.


Director – Pavel Ovsyannikov (Ekaterinburg)

Art director – Elena Lisina (Ekaterinburg)

Composer – Larisa Pautova (Ekaterinburg)

Performer – Tatyana Semenovich


Performance duration 30 min.





“Capriccio (double with cream)” 14+

Marionettes’ ballet

 There is no clear plot in this performance. It consists of a sequence of scenes replacing each other. All of them are unexpected and extraordinary in their beauty and significance.

The amplitude of the emotional charge is incredibly great that the spectator is just like on the swing – up and down, into the heat and into the cold! Everyone lives here on their own but under one sky and on the one planet.


Author of the idea and director – Victor Plotnikov

Direction – Victor Plotnikov, Vladimir Filonov

Soundtrack – Sergey Belov

Performance duration – 1 hour





Valery Shergin


Bluebeard’s  wives 18+



It is a story of how a Mormon called Bluebeard invented an elixir of eternal life and forced his wives to solve the problem of eternal existence.

Searching for the possibility of eternal life leads to understanding that not only the eternal life is meaningless, but also the desire to live eternally.


The director - Alexander Vakhov

Performance duration 90 min.









































































































































































































































































































































































































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