August 12: "Decision of the executive committee of the Kurgan Regional Council of People's Deputies" "On the establishment of the regional puppet theater at the concert and entertainment Bureau of the Kurgan department for the Arts".

1943- 1947
- Puppeteers worked in the entertainment teams with short numbers.

- according to the order of the Kurgan art department entertainment teams were regrouped once again and all puppeteers finally came together. Orlovskaya M.V. was appointed to theatre director. Zabelin B. I. became theatre designer (the order went forth that…).

1949 - 1961
- January 1: Kurgan puppeteers had their first premiere. Children watched the play "The Scarlet Flower", which for many years stayed in the repertoire. The work on the formation of repertoire was going; actors were constantly touring the Kurgan region.

- Puppeteers got a rehearsal room! For 19 years they had worked without it.

- according to the decision of the Cabinet Council and of the Ministry of Culture of the USSR dated September 12, 1964  the group of puppeteers at Philharmonic became the group of the independent Kurgan regional puppet theater. Puppeteers gained status of theater!

- Graduates of the Leningrad Institute of Theatre, Music and Cinema came to Kurgan. Their performances "Left-hander," "Romeo and Juliet" became a sensation and a shock to the public. They gave the name to the theater.

- Since then, the theater had the name "Gulliver". The Kurgan Music College founded the actor's section and recruited students, which were taught by the theater artists.
- M. Husid invited director Y. Fridman and designer I. Uvarova for staging of "Faust". But the show was stopped. This episode in the theatre life - the Kurgan Puppet Theater and its unrealized production – was mentioned in the book by Dina Rubina "Syndrome of Punch".

- The first participation in a festival. It was the second theater festival of the Urals in Tyumen. Actors of "Gulliver" showed the performance by M. Khusid "The Gift from Košice " and got diploma.

- The first trip to the capital. In Moscow a show contest of
young artists took place:  our actors Lyudmila Savchuk and Nikolay Ustinov won at that competition. Performance "How the night was switched on" was awarded with the diploma of appreciation of the All-Russian festival of unscheduled performances in Moscow.

1980 - 1984
- Theater worked hard: it was left not only by those who had come from Leningrad, but also by those who were taught by them. The theater was looking for opportunities to survive with local specialists.

- The most important event: in October «Gulliver» moved to the old building of the concert hall. Theatre had been waiting for this moment for 41years! Theatre got own house and stage!

- first, the roof over the office space caved in, and then ceiling in the theater  auditorium fell off;  the new season started with the searching for a room again.

- Theater got a new director general from Leningrad over again. It was Eugene Ugryumov.

- Theatre season opened with production of guest director G. Goldman
based on the play by V. Orlov "The golden chicken".
- Stage director Stanislav Jelyeskin – an energetic person of a low stature and rare charm - appeared in the theater for the first time. Together with theatre designer Tatyana Tereshchenko he began to work on the production, which to this day is in demand and enjoys popularity among the audience – “The Fairy-tale of the Fisherman and the Fish”.
- This year was also marked in our theatre with production of the
great puppeteer, winner of the State Prize of the USSR Valery Volhovsky. "The young stork and  the scarecrow" - an extremely delicate play with a special spiritual tone; both children and adults watched it. Lyubov Lubyankina and Alexei Ilyinsky stared in this remarkable work


- Premiere of the performance based on A.S. Pushkin's "The Fairy-tale of the Fisherman and the Fish." This performance is still on the repertoire, and still enjoys audience love.

- Theater found finally his own although small building on the Sovyetskaya street, 104.


- The play "Sister Alyonushka, little brother Ivanushka" was opened in the theater; it was staged by Stanislav Jelyeskin and Tatyana Tereshchenko on the basis of Russian folklore. With this performance theatre showed oneself an unusual team capable of experiment and a depth comprehension of material taken into work.

- for the first time "Gulliver" came on the stage of the Central House of Artists in Moscow. So Moscovites watched the play "Sister Alyonushka, little brother Ivanushka."
The same year a premiere for adults took place. The evening cabaret for adults in the manner of buffet "The serenade" (stage director - Stanislav Jelyeskin, designer - Eugene Bondarenko) was presented not only in Russian cities but also in Panevezys.

- Alla Semenova became the first Honored Artist of our theatre.
At the end of 1993 the premiere of her one-woman performance "Vanya Datsky", which is still on the repertoire, took place (stage director - S. Jelyeskin, designer – E. Bondarenko).

- In spring the play "Mistress of the Copper Mountain" was opened (stage director -  S. Jelyeskin, designer - T. Tereshchenko). Although this performance had a short life, it made a strong impression both on critics and audience at the Festival "Gostiny Dvor" in Orenburg.

- The theater recruited young and talented people to educate for a profession of puppeteer at the Yekaterinburg Theatre Institute. The form of study was internal and extra-mural. The course master was Stanislav Jelyeskin.
- The head designer of the theater was awarded the title of Honored Artist of the Russian Federation, and the theater became a member of the International Puppetry Association (UNIMA).

- First night of the performance “Piaf ... I have no regrets” took place on September, 13. In 16 years of its existence this play became the hallmark of the theater touring in Moscow, Panevezys, Magnitogorsk, Yekaterinburg, St. Petersburg and Kishinev.

- Theatre celebrated its 50th anniversary by arranging festivities called "Gulliveriada" that lasted several days. Those celebrations were visited by critics from Moscow, by actors and stage directors who had worked some time in our theater over the years of its existence.

- This year two remarkable performances were produced in the theater: "The fairy-tale of brave boys and some brave girls" (stage director - N. Plekhanova, designer - Elena Volkova) and "The wonderful ice cream coloured suit" (stage director -N. Plekhanova, designer - T. Tereshchenko).
- In June theater engaged 10 institute-educated actors. Their graduation performance was Marta Tsifrinovich’s play "
The flame of hope" based on paintings by P. Picasso.

- The premiere of one-woman performance "Milady" (stage director - N. Plekhanova, designer - N. Permina).

- "Who will awake the sun" – a gentle, touching play performed with the music of Vivaldi - was produced in the theater by our new friends from Kiev: stage director M. Yaremchuk and designer  T. Torbenko.

-That year added the name of Andrey Platonov to the repertory list of "Gulliver". The performance based on his play "The street organ" (directed by Galina Koptyaeva, designer -T. Tereshchenko) became an event in the theater world.

- a bright premiere of the performance for adult audience “All of Shakespeare in ...” (directed by Andrew Sanatin, designer - T. Tereshchenko).

- Theater participated in 4 festivals with different performances.
Performance “Piaf ... I have no regrets” participated in the VII  International Festival in Kishinev (Moldavia)  and in the II International Puppet Theatre Festival "Tea party in Mytishchi."

- Performance "The street organ" received the Grand Prix as the best performance, Alexey Guschuk was honoured for the best actor and the work of Honored Artist of the Russian Federation T.I. Tereshchenko won the best production design award of the V Puppet Theatre Festival «The Golden Horse» in Tyumen.

- Performance “The fairy-tale of brave boys and some brave girls” went to the XIV International Puppet Theatre Festival in Charleville-Mezieres (France).

- another premiere in the theater -  the work of A. Sanatin and E. Volkova "The Dreams of Harlequin”. The play, which raised many debates, would later open the II International Festival "The Dream of Flying."
-   the theater established a training course again – for study in the Yaroslavl Theatre Institute. Course director - V. Borisov, course master - Tatyana Yesina.

- the theater decided to celebrate its 60th anniversary by arranging the International Puppet Theatre Festival "The Dream of Flying or 60 steps to start" and invited  theaters not only from Russia but also from Poland, France, Finland. The festival was opened with the premiere of “Capric’io” (double with cream).

Director and designer - Viktor Plotnikov. This performance was nominated for the Golden Mask award.
- during the festival "The Dream of Flying " the film about theatre “... Therein lies the light. "Gulliver" is one of the facets” was shown for the first time. Tatyana Andreyeva  was author of the film, film director - Vadim Osadchiy.

- That year was marked by two very interesting performances, "Sir Ibrahim and flowers of the Koran" (the play by D. Schmitt) and "The Greco-Roman love". Director of the first staging was A. Sanatin (Moscow), designer - E.Volkova, director of the second staging was People’s Artist of the Russian Federation S. Jelyeskin, designer - Honored Artist of the Russian Federation  T. Tereshchenko.

- Performance “The fairy-tale of brave boys and some brave girls” visited France for the second time to participate in the festival “The Solstice “in Belfort.

- In March the theater company increased its membership by professional actors! The former students of the Gulliver theatre school and the Yaroslavl Theatre Institute obtained Diplomas of Higher Education.
- The Second International Puppet Theatre Festival "The Dream of Flying " took place. Among festival participants were theaters from Poland, France, the Czech Republic, Italy (Florence and Ravenna), Finland, Uzbekistan. The expert board included representatives of Switzerland, Turkey and Bulgaria. Russia was represented by theaters from Orenburg, Chelyabinsk, Yekaterinburg.
There was an innovation in that festival: at the end of each festival day audience and guests discussed performances of the day.
- In early October theater took part in the festival of the Black Sea countries that was held in conjunction with the Culture Ministry of the Russian Federation and organized by the Committee of the XXII Winter Olympic Games in Sochi. Theatre "Gulliver" opened the festival with performance “Capric’io”.

-  In late October- early November theatre left for Moscow to participate in the V International Festival "The Big Change". Performance “Capric’io” (double with cream) was shown twice on the stage of the Theater Center «Na Strastnom».

- Together with the Kurgan young ice skaters "Gulliver" prepared the program "Circus, ice and the New Year" and presented it on the ice arena "Yunost".

- In late September we participated in the II World Puppet Carnival in Almaty with performance “Capric’io” (double with cream). Theaters from the USA, France, Germany, Greece, Indonesia, Peru, Turkey, Australia, Israel, Thailand, Japan, Latvia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Russia, in total 32 theaters from 30 countries took part in the competition program of the festival.  “Gulliver” received the Grand Prix.


- In May Michael Vogel came to get acquainted with the theater company. A German puppeteer, founder of «Figurentheater», participant and winner of numerous international festivals in Europe, America and Asia, made our theater into a laboratory for transfer of experience and skills for a few days in May. The "Figurenteater" method can be described as a metaphorical theater of puppet, body mobility and music. Michael Vogel makes puppets and scenery for his performances himself. For each performance a special music is composed.

- from October 4th  through October 9th  the theatre took part in the International Nomad Puppet Theater Festival "The Ark" in Irkutsk with the performance "Oedipus". The festival was not competitive, it had a mission - to popularize the puppet theater art; it was attended by the representatives of the festival "The Golden Mask" to make decision on our participation in this festival.

 -from October 7th through October 15th the II Sakhalin International Puppet Theatre Festival "On the Islands of Miracles" took place in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk. There we got straight from Irkutsk and showed three performances: "Vanya Datsky", "Oedipus" and "The Actresses".

- In late March the Russian Performing Art Festival "The Golden Mask" demonstrating the most significant premiers of the previous season began in Moscow. We took part in it with performance "Oedipus" and received diploma of participation.
- April 25: opening of the exhibition of puppets that was brought from the Czech Republic. Excursions were combined with workshops on making theatre puppets.
May 1: the premiere of performance "Panopticon".
May 2: opening of the III International Puppet Theatre Festival “The Dream of Flying.” The festival was attended by theaters from Japan, Turkey, Greece, the Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Germany, Poland, Azerbaijan and Russia. The program included 10 countries, 13 theaters, 15 performances.
We showed the performance "Panopticon" and received a special prize for the experiment.
As part of the festival a presentation of the book about  theater “Gulliver” took place, the book was only on CD at that time.
The festival was held on a competitive basis for the first time. The Grand Prix was taken by Japanese puppeteers.
May 7: closing and awarding ceremony. In the distinguished visitors' book a juryman, theater critic Pavel Rudnev wrote: "In the theater "Gulliver" there is everything that makes theater, not just an institution for leisure and entertainment. I'm not a puppeteer, I am doing drama, but I always say at the lectures on contemporary theater that the main initiator of experiment in Russian theater is Puppet Theater. There different ideas of synthesis are often tested for strength: Puppet Theatre plus something. And Kurgan theater is in many respects at the head of this process. There it is always kept in mind that a puppet is not only subject of plays and amusement, but also a sacred symbol.  All of us are puppets in the hands of the eternal space, and rarely anyone manages to solve his destiny".
June 4 - the premiere of performance "The Magic Flute" directed by K
arl H. Gündel. The performance is played in a copy of the historic miniature of the home theater of the 18-19 centuries. The opera is perfectly performed by artists of the Dresden Opera House.

- Theatre was visited by urbanist, a leading architect and founder of the Center for Development of Architecture of Eindhoven (Netherlands) Cees Donkers. Like all guests, he left a note in our distinguished visitors' book, where among other things it was written:"Great show! Beautiful theater! Real Kurgan identity! You should build on it for the future! Let your people be inspired by this! Thanks! For being here! With love ... " On the Theatre Day  we opened the Days of Japanese Culture - the project "The sixth season "- it was dedicated to hearing impaired people.
April 29: premiere of the performance "Shining in the night". Production group from Japan: stage director - Yoichi Nishimura, designer - Kazunori Watanabe, puppetry director - Miyako Kurotani.
 In May Alla Semenova participated in the International Puppet Theatre Festival in Ankara (Turkey) with the play "Vanya Datsky".
May 19: premiere of the play "Umka": stage director – S. Jelieskin, designer  - T. Tereshchenko.

This season we had a lot of touring, we began to work on a new branding.
We live actively, and our history is written every day!




































































































































































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