IV International Festival of puppet theatres “The dream of flying”

The festival took place between April, 20-24, 2017.

The participants of the festival were puppeteers from Greece, Serbia, Poland, Syria and different cities of Russia: Moscow, Sevastopol, Surgut, Perm, Chelyabinsk, Yekaterinburg, Saint-Petersburg and Kurgan.

During the festival was also held a presentation of the exhibition that was dedicated to the 75th “Gulliver’s” anniversary.

There also were given some master-classes named “Puppets in real life and in theatre”.

The repertoire playbill consisted of 13 most interested performances. These performances were appreciated by professional critics: Marec Vashkel (Poland), Elena Pokorskaya (Moscow) and Vladimir Speshkov (Chelyabinsk). The critics unanimously agreed that all the performances of the festival were of high quality.

The theme of the festival was “Theatre legends”. In the festival program there were 2 performances of this status – “Vanya Datskiy” of Kurgan puppet theatre “Gulliver” and “The little stork and a scarecrow” of  V.Volkhovskiy puppet theatre from Chelyabinsk. Kurgan’s performance is 24 years old and the performance of Chelyabinsk is 33 years old.

The place of the festival has become a small puppet theatre “Gulliver”. During the preparations for the festival the rehearsal hall was reformed into the small hall of 40 seats. The performances were shown one after each other. Therefore, the theatre was always full of spectators.

Dear Colleagues

Our next festival "The Dream of Flying" will take place in early May 2017, and therefore applications and materials about your play (or link to the performance video) can be sent closer to spring 2016, when we will begin the tightselection of performances for the festival repertoire.
In view of the fact that our festival is international, we give preference to the visual performances. It may be a performance for adult audience or a children performance. As a rule, the repertoire of the festival has performances ofboth kinds. The application must contain the video of your performance and information on directors and the theater, where it was staged. The application form, the questionnaire will be ready-made closer to the beginning of the immediate preparation for the festival.
On our website you can learn more about our festival: http://www.gulliver45.ru

Here, in the "Rider of the theater" you can see the size of the stage, the auditorium, the available light equipment.

If your performance does not fit on our stage, we can offer you the stage of our Drama Theater or Philharmonic Hall. During our previous festivals all performances took place on those three stages.

The festival "The Dream of Flying" is a competitional festival. The professional international jury decides which of the performances will be worthy of the Grand Prix, and performances worthy of nominations: "The best stage direction" and "The best stage design".

Performances participating in the festival do not get the fee. Participants must bring the copyright waiver (author of the performance, author of the script, stage designer, author of the puppets and scenery).

The Organizer of the festival, the Kurgan theater, pays for your travel from Moscow to Kurgan and from Kurgan to Moscow, provides accommodation and meals for the duration of the festival.

Thank you for your interest in our festival, all the best to you!





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